Issue fixed, June 9 updates--KDE settings>Windows Decorations:Plastik

anyone having issue with qt5-base-5.15 update

title bars are absent (AMD radeon GPU, KDE Plasma)

Let me check i have radeon on Plasma. Which Radeon do you have and what drivers you have installed?

Edit: What title bars? I’m not seeing any issue?

[ricklinux@eos-plasma ~]$ pacman -Q qt5-base
qt5-base 5.15.0-2
[ricklinux@eos-plasma ~]$ 


found an issue with KDE settings>Application Style>Windows Decoration>Plastik Theme
(assumed it was part of qt5-base5.15, perhaps not)


I don’t seem to have title bars either.

I am not using Plastik Theme though.

@ricklinux, did you reboot after the update?

edit: oh, it seems the window decorations were reset. After selecting it manually in Application Style -> Window Decorations the title bars are back again. The Plastik one is blank for me too.

I have no changes on my install of plasma on mine.


The Theme tab. No theme was selected there after the update (and reboot), so I had to select one manually to get the title bars back. Is Plastik theme blank for you as well?



Which title bars Just on Plastik?

Hmm…I’ve just changed the Theme and now Plastik has the border. I am confused.

edit: even though it seems only on that picture. If I select it, still no borders.
I don’t know to be honest whether it is normal or not, I think I never had to choose Window decorations before, it was done automatically when applying a new theme.

To be honest i don’t know what is supposed to be there so i don’t know if something is or isn’t working. Mine did the same thing when i changed the theme. :man_shrugging:

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issue fixed on June 9 updates

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