Issue between floating panel and Gwenview

Hello Everyone.

In the present season of bugs, I had noticed a kind of bug with Gwenview and floating panel in KDE Plasma.

The bug is, when I open an image via Gwenview, all the borders of window pass through all the floating panels.


To check its presence, I tried in another way by reducing the size of window :

To make sure that it is related with Gwenview, I opened the same image via another image viewer; Feh :


Another thing which I noticed about floating panel is about its behavior with Screen Edges settings of KDE. The corners of screen catch the shade of screen edge for few seconds, due to which it looks weird.
The distortion in floating panel appears continuously if it appears once. And only stops if click over those distortion.

Distortion or flickering in panel appears when I resize the window’s size.

Edit:n (n=1,2,3…) : Now flickering is happening even if I am typing here. I tried to use simplescreenrecorder to record this, but it is not visible in video as the video captured had omitted many frames, hence I am not able to share it.

Also, I want to mention that I had seen these bugs with default breeze themes as well, though on very dark theme these are not visible, but on lighter themes they are easily distracting.

That’s a bit weird and annoying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not getting the same behaviour here running KDE on Wayland with the Breeze theme. What happens when you turn the floating panel off? Same problems?

I don’t have Wayland.

In the image, you can see 2 panels there. If I turn off for panel at top, then also issue persists. If I turn off for panel at bottom only, then also issue persists.
Even if I turn off both floating panel, then also issue persists !

See the images :

Case 1 : image

Case 2 : image

Case 3 : image

Also I am not sure why flickering in panels are visible, if panels are translucent.


What theme are you using?
What are your Compositor settings? (System Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor)

One more weird look, now in settings application :


Plasma theme is Maya Transparent


I’ve been using Wayland for so long now that I can’t remember what the X11 defaults are :frowning_face:

Are both panels KDE Plasma panels? Or are you using Latte Dock or something else?

Try different Compositor options (with rebooting or logging out in between) to see if that makes a difference.

Sorry for replying late. I was very busy during the evening.

Yes both are default KDE Plasma panels.

I’ve had some similar issues with the title bar in a few programs, the quick fix I’ve been using is to make the window smaller & then maximising again. I haven’t looked too much further into it though. As for screen edges I wouldn’t know, I turn them off.

This is what I am doing presently. But on lighter themes, they are also causing flickering of translucent panels, unless I click on the flickering location.

I don’t know from when this is happening, as I was on dark theme until last couple of weeks.

No need to apologise :slightly_smiling_face: We in different time zones anyway.

If you’ve tried changing the compositor options, then I’m afraid I’m out of ideas :slightly_frowning_face:

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It feels like there is some bug related to Gwenview and light themed panel, as @smokey had also experienced it.

Or maybe it is related to new Grub update :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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I had reported the bug to KDE :

For which I had to make an account :rofl: :rofl: .

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yes as we do not developing Plasma nor Gwenview :wink:

Bug reports here are more for BUGs related to the ISO or EndeavourOS applications.