Isolating the source of the issue between kernel and KDE


I’ve been running EndeavourOS for a few weeks now after being a long term linux user. I switched in the hopes of becoming much more familiar with the inner workings. I’m enjoying it so far but I am struggling with a recurrent issue of the whole system freezing and needing a full reboot. I have been running GNOME for such a long time and I was keen to try KDE so this is my first time on an arch based distro as well as my first time with KDE in a long time.

I have been trying to narrow down the cause and am struggling to determine the nature of it. Any advice on how to unpick the problem would be much appreciated.

Hardware Details:
examples journalctl of issue: and

As you can see it seems to happen both on the latest kernel as well as the LTS kernel. It also is not consistently the same cause sometimes plasmashell sometimes baloo. I’m aware the XPS 15 has some tricky hardware issues but I can’t quite tell what the cause is.

Any hints or pointers would be much appreciated!

Kernel crashes will almost always be caused by hardware, the kernel or an out of tree driver.

There is a known issue with the nvidia 550 drivers which may or may not be related to your issue.


Thanks for the info. I had assumed it was unlikely to be hardware given I was having no issues on Ubuntu before I reinstalled (maybe that’s bad reasoning). I suppose testing different Kernel versions means I’ve also ruled that out.

If the Nvidia 550 drivers maybe a source of trouble I guess my next step should be to switch to Nouveau and see if it still does it. I have also been considering switching to Intel Only so maybe that can also help me.

Thanks again, I’ll post any conclusions back here in case anyone is experiencing similar issues.

I have been very impressed with EndeacourOS, so much as I have been installing for me, friends and donating. And I have been experiencing some setback too, with fresh instals from usb ISOs but I have to say…these Germans are working to the bone to give you a good Arch experience and maybe KDE/Qt is not working in sync with Arch…in the end Arch is the bestg linux and these people are on the the top of their game. GTK is prety great still for everythinfg. What do you want your PC for?

have you ensured that you followed the guide for properly installing the nvidia drivers via nvidia-inst?
Also try Envy Control
Or see if in the bios of your machine you can disable the dGPU (nvidia card) and see if issue persists.

could be an intel driver issue. as lavavex mentions, try using envycontrol and using only nvidia GPU to confirm.

This is useful advice thank you. I did follow the guide. My Bios does not allow disabling of the nvidia card. However I have been on the Nouveau driver and it hasn’t happened again. I suspect it very likely to be the bug @dalto mentioned.

I will try Envy Control when I get a moment!

Without nvidia driver it seems to not be happening so I assume it’s not he intel one.

Yes I assume some devs are working hard to fix it! I only was looking to try and understand how to troubleshoot and find workarounds.

I came to EndeavourOS on my main computer which does everything (coding/light gaming). Primarily I wanted to get more understanding of how linux works under the hood after distro hopped around for a number of years. So far it’s going well I already understand a lot more.

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