Iso 2019-12-03, vboxsf_ Old binary mount data not supported

Linux hosts
VBox 6.1.0_RC1-135185 dev snapshot for the upcoming 6.1.0
VBox 6.0.15-135093 test build for the upcoming 6.0.16


Msg. at boot process: “vboxsf_ Old binary mount data not supported, remove obsolete mount.vboxsf and/or update your VBoxService.”

I don’t think that will change as long as vboxguest modules are integrated in the image. To my knowledge with kernel 5.4.x this is no longer necessary. vboxsf has been integrated in 5.4 as the last vboxguest module so far.

No, it got bumped off:

Perhaps you know Thorsten Leemhuis’ Kernellog, a series of articles with first-class in-depth background information about kernel versions in the German magazine c’t (the only thing you can still read there…). He’s constantly updating. vboxsf is no longer listed in the final version for 5.4 (ger). I have read the vboxsf integration in an earlier version.

However, there is this issue (and the VMSVGA problem in the other bug report as well).

Don’t the vboxguest modules interfere when loading into VMware (if someone has tested it)?