Isn't it a bug of Blender package that it REQUIRES Intel One API?

There was a big update today, and in the summary, I noticed that net installation size was over 1GB, after I typed “y” (so I could not abort it). On close inspection, it seems that the size increase is because of all the intel-oneapi-XXXX packages, and as I suspected, Blender 17:3.4.1-20 had “intel-oneapi-compiler-shared-runtime” in the “Required” section, not in the “Optional Dependencies” section. That package required other OneAPI packages in a chain.

I do not have an Intel Arc GPU, and since that even the CUDA package is optional, isn’t it a bug that Blender REQUIRES OneAPI packages that takes 1GB+ space on a computer that does not have an Intel GPU?


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Looks like blender is under heavy development now:

I don’t know why they recently added that dependency, so hard to guess if they will set it as an optional dependency later.

Best to ask the devs of the blender package.

How? You mean contacting the packager by e-mail? Because I do not see any Issue or Discussion on that GitHub page.

You could start an issue there.

Posting on should be a better option imo.

Afaik, the GitHub repo is only a read only mirror and they don’t take any discussions there.

Possibly the packager accidentally added intel api to deps rather than optdeps.

Is the Blender package of EOS exactly the same thing as Arch’s? I kind of had an experience of asking a question about pacman on the Arch subreddit thinking that pacman is from Arch, but the question was removed, because Arch’s pacman was different.

Yes. Endeavour OS is using Arch repositories.

Pacman is indeed a software provided by Arch. Endeavour has that only because it uses Arch as a base. The post might have been removed because its generally not accepted for users of Arch - based distros to ask on communities of Arch Linux. Could be something else too. Its the moderator’s discretion.

I don’t know how you feel about flatpaks. There is a flatpak available for Blender.


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This got my curiosity up. So I installed the Blender flatpak. It installed without problems, and I now have this pretty interface that I don’t have the slightest idea what to do with it.

The installation command:

flatpak install flathub org.blender.Blender

indicates the flatpak is authored by
which appears to be the developers of Blender.



You can use it to make pretty things :slight_smile:

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