Is xrandr installed by default?

I don’t recall installing xrandr because Wayland doesn’t support it. When using the xrandr command it outputs this:

Which I find weird that it works given that it’s not supposed to be supported. I don’t recall ever installing it, but I recall installing intel_gpu_tools which requires xorg-xrandr to work.

When I try to uninstall it, it breaks the dependecy of several packages including eos-bash-shared, so I’m confused because that package is from EndevourOS. Is it safe to uninstall xorg-xrandr?


Not unless you also plan to remove all those other things and everything that depends on those things too.

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I just changed eos-bash-shared 1.36-1 not to have xorg-xrandr as a direct dependency, but an optional dependency. Two apps from eos-bash-shared need xrandr: ChangeDisplayResolution and eos-wallpaper-set.

Anyway, you probably are using xwayland which helps X apps run under wayland.


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