Is xapp-sn-watcher needed on Xfce?

Hi, I just made the switch from Plasma to Xfce and I think I could have bits of Plasma around, I’m trying to get rid of them.

I see at startup my computer takes a bit to settle and in the autostart I have xapp-sn-watcher (A service that provides the org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher interface for XApps) and I think it might be slowing down the startup.

Now from the description I get this is kde-related, but since I don’t know exactly what it is doing and I don’t know when it’s been installed (I can’t remember if I had it when I was using Plasma even though I suppose I did), I just wanna be 100% sure that I can remove it and it has nothing to do with Xfce.

You know, seems obvious, but I thought it was just better to double-check :smile:

It is part of the xapp package, which provides a common library to some X-Apps like xed and xreader.

So it seems it is not generally required, but if you want to use those apps, then you will have it anyway.

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Okay, but is it necessary to have it on startup?

Probably not now when you use Xfce.
At least I have it disabled on my Xfce. :wink:

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Thanks! :relieved:

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