Is this the end of the content blockers as we know them today?

Yeah, that was my firs thought, too. It’s all about demand. If Chrome is not able to deliver one of the most important things for many people browsing the internet, people will not use it anymore.


Cause Vivaldi IS better than Firefox.

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It’s closed source, so you can’t know whether it’s better or not. :man_shrugging:t3:

You only have the developer’s word that it’s not doing anything nefarious.


Just like it’s base chromium it’s open.


Strange how everyone hates Google with a passion, and rightfully so, but on the other hand, everyone immediately uses everything and anything Google makes, instead of just boycotting them outright. It’s like Google owns the internet, and everyone has to comply, or else nothing works! W3 works hard on making good standards, and Google just steam rolls over them, and dictates where tech goes.

Firefox for me! :fox_face:


I fully agree. I personally try to have a google free internet. And it is easy. Four simple steps:

  1. Dont use google search. DuckDuckGo is a good alternative. And if you want to supplement DuckDuckGo with a google search you can use the !g shortcut so that DuckDuckGo searches for you with google but anonymously.
  2. Dont use google DNS server. Many people use them because they are the fastest and is so easy to remember. But you provide google your complete browser history with that. Better use dnscrypt-proxy instead.
  3. Dont use google mail. They have already confirmed that they scan the emails of their users for keywords.
  4. And dont use google chrome of course.
  1. I don’t use Google, but do use DuckDuckGo, still getting used to the bangs (!) thanks for the !g tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. I didn’t even know I could use any specific DNS server. :confused:

  3. I do have one Gmail account, but I used it strictly for unimportant stuff. I use accounts through my website, and have a account for private email. I am nearly done getting rid of the gmail account, but have one single site I need to change it on: Craigslist, as soon as I can change it. I tried once, but it didn’t work, and have to wait a whole month (a few weeks left) to try again. I do know why it failed and will get it right next time. Then I am going to start using Bitwarden with a Yubikey for password management. Oh, and I knew Google were spies all the way back in the late 90’s when they launched their search engine! :wink: I was also onto Microsoft way before Win10 launch and got rid of everything related a long time ago.

I already switched from YouTube to LBRY/Odyssey and Bitchute, and am going to delete my rarely used Google+ account, and will be completely Google free :partying_face: It’s actually spelled Googol, meaning 10^100; Idiots!

I have a MeWe account and am close to nuking Facebook too, other than that I don’t do social media at all, and never used Facebook for much either, just to find some of my old friends I had lost track of over the years, many in Germany, including my first girlfriend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Most of them have my email address and/or phone number already, but there’s still a few left, I need to give it to, or convince to use MeWe.

  1. Never have used chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge! I have been on Firefox for decades, and Tor when I need to!

Other than that, I don’t do “the cloud” or any online services that are not FOSS, never trusted IOT like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant (as if they give correct answers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), not even home security systems like “Ring”, linked to any corporations (All freaking spies!). I’m an electrician, and have that covered on my own terms. My phone is an oddball (Galaxy J7), and as soon as I can find a Linux or other spyware free OS that will run on it, I will nuke Android too, and install it.

I also found this site a few days ago:


Their motto: Spreading privacy & security to the masses.

They or he, has videos on YouTube and LBRY, and a bunch of tutorials on how to secure your devices and privacy, and go “incognito” on his site, and I am going to go through them all, and shore up any odds and ends.

I have been computing since 79, and have always paid attention to what’s going on, and played it much safer than most, yet not entirely perfect: It’s not easy, and hard to keep up with all of the new tricks those crooks come up with. :angry:

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Agree; e.g. it’s just as easy to remember and seems like safer.

I do this. Gives me some peace of mind.

Agree: IPv4 and & IPv6 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

Tested dnscrypt-proxy for sometime years back and it works great but not if you are using a VPN. You can only use one or the other. It seems you can use Pi-hole and still have the VPN working. However, I was wrong once. :shushing_face:

Works fine for me dnscrypt-proxy and VPN.

Test with a dns leak detector and notice the ip addresses with and without the vpn. :shushing_face:

Edit: if I remember correctly now it will use dnscrpt-proxy to their server then the vpn from there or the other way around. Forget now but I tested the crap out of it back 4 or 5 years a go.

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Beyond my skillset I guess - I just use the dns that the vpn provides - if I didn’t trust them far enough to handle dns I shouldn’t be using them!
Keep smiling - we can’t do more than make it a little more difficult for casual snoopers I think - the big guys will find a hole somewhere if they want to…

Looks to be the other way around.

Here is VPN without dnscrypt. Both IP and DNS belongs to VPN provider:

Here is VPN with dnscrypt, IP belongs to VPN provider and the others are from dnscrypt DNS servers.

Without VPN and dnscrypt, I get my own IP and the IPs from ISP’s DNS servers.
Without VPN, with dnscrypt, I get my own IP and those from dnscrypt DNS servers.

I guess you are right!



I have been running Pi-hole for several years with a few breaks. I set one up a few months ago. I do not trust add-ons in browsers.

I surf around quite a lot and have not seen advertising on any pages. I have my own block list and block several million domains. It is difficult to block if advertising is on the same domain name. For example YouTube. Otherwise, Pi-hole blocks most things!

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You guys have talked me into it, just ordered a Pi which I’ll turn into a Hole…


I created a thread a while ago on Pi-hole. Maybe there are some tips there for you who are thinking about Pi-hole.