Is this a KDE or software issue?

Using 150% scaling in KDE. Some programs (Spotify, Filezilla) don’t scale, or don’t scale completely. When reporting the bug would the reports better be made to the individual programs or to KDE? I lean towards KDE because the issue only happens in KDE, but doesn’t happen in Gnome. I don’t know enough about programming to know exactly where to send this issue for a resolution though.

Do they happen to be flatpacks or appimages?

Have you tried?

fix icon sizes in QT and GTK apps by appending these lines to ~/.profile

export GDK_SCALE=2
export GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5

Then reboot…

In addition, for zoom for example, I had to go to

nano ~/.config/zoomus.conf

file in my home folder to change autoscaling to off, else it did not pick up my changes. Maybe this fix helps you also for your apps.

You may have similar config files for them and or adjust the scaling for gtk/qt by adjusting the above.

More info on arch wiki:


Happens with Spotify installed as both a flatpak and from the AUR. Haven’t tested Filezilla or other programs that don’t follow DE scaling rule.

With Spotify (installed in any way) can fix it by starting with:

spotify --force-device-scale-factor=1.5

Also never had this issue while using 150% experimental scaling in Gnome.

For the time being until it’s fixed, I would probably write that into auto start as a terminal command.

It’s probably a bug for now. It would be a simple solution until it’s fixed, and then one day you’ll log in and it’ll be massive and you can just remove it.

I have Spotify on my kde computer, I’ll look in a bit. Us this on the desktop, the applications folder, latte? All of those places?

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