Is there anyway to graph download speeds?

I have internet problems, have had the isp tech and BT Openreach out as well (infrastructure people). Symptoms:

  • Speed test is fine.
  • Spotify cuts off after a minute or so.
  • Download a large game from steam:

    Speeds is all over the place, prior to this problem, I would get a constant high 3 to low 4 mbps.

The Openreach engineer says we should get a minimum of 65 mbps on this line and he can’t see why we don’t (getting ~35mbps), but that is another issue :smiley:

How can I set a big download going and graph it (like steam does, similar to bmon)??

Probably related to the download-server restricting their download-speed per user.


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Its also worth setting up BQM external monitoring of your IP address (beware, you’ll probably get a different IP from BT if you restart your router - manually change the monitor or install a dynamic dns client)

I hear you when you say the speedtest is fine though. the above will show latency spikes and any packet loss on your connection. An invaluable tool IMHO


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I just set it up and :drum: I was connected to my phone hotspot…

ID10t. Not awake! Will do it tomorrow.