Is there any roadmap for EOS?

Hi friends of EOS!

Is there any roadmap for the near and not so near future development of EOS? Just asking out of curiosity? :smiley:


It aims to fly above the pack. On top of cloud 9 and on it’s way to the stars. :grin:


Is there something missing?
EndeavourOS is just the Canvas, you are the Creator of your own Linux dream machine.
Road map? Having a starship under your command, where you wanna go?


As a matter of course…to where no distro has gone before :rocket: :star::wink:

I considered this question rather it in a technical way, like what can “we” expect to see, like will there be a focus on the welcome screen, where EOS will add more selected apps, or will there be a more “choice” in calamares -like office/multimedia/…or will there be a focus on EOS-costumized DEs. I am just curious.

Actually there is nothing that I miss in EOS :heart_eyes_cat:…I was just browsing @homepage+forum and was looking for some info.

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If nothing else, the package localization has room for improvement. There’s only 3 or so languages presently for the EOS welcome package. Given it’s a new distro though it’s understandable and I imagine will be addressed over time. :slight_smile:

The way EndeavourOS goes for the roadmap is announced officially here :

You could also get some info in this category :

This is where users can help!

We have a translation framework for the Welcome app, but currently we have the English version + 4 translations: de, fi, fr and sk. You’ll find all current translation files in your /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts folder.

If you are interested in making the translation (and updating it at times) to your language, copy the English version (translations-welcome-en.bash) and make your changes, and put the new file into the same folder and test it.

When you are happy with the results, make a pull request at github.
Later also others can enjoy your contribution! :smile:


we have a kind of anarchic development on EnOS, the latest step to release the netinstaller was a huge one.
There are things on our to-do list, currently, it is all about improvements on the ISO itself, on infrastructure, look and feel, and getting together with the community, on development and new features.

I would like to get i3 installable with a minimal configuration from our ISO.


May i ask if it’s ok to enter this topic for a question of mine? When will the next latest release come? I mean the .iso image from 12/22/2019, will it be renewed in a month or when a new kernel is integrated?

Thank you

next general release will come in february (every two month)
i do upload snapshots from time to time for testing here:

there you will find also the nvidia enabled one (for very new nvidia cards)


Thanks @joekamprad.

I don’t see that folder, maybe it is because I don’t have the Welcome app installed.

Can you send me a copy of “translations-welcome-en.bash”? I would like to help with this.

@juanprm, you could download the ES version there I just did it right now but needs a Native Spanish to reread and correct it as final :

–> @Resiliencia is already working on the file, see with him to not work on the same part of the file.

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Thanks for your offer!
To properly test the translation I suggest you install the welcome app.
Also, as @Resiliencia is already working on it, you might want to work together with him.

Thank You @juanprm for your help !
I will answer you tonight about your new corrections.