Is there any good ToDo software?

I’ve too much in my mind right now and I’ve never relied on a ToDo list software that you guys can recommend?

I use simplenote and sync it to my phone.

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I used wunderlist a while back. Now that we use gmail at work :cry: it also has some kind of task/to do list integrated with your google calendar if you like that ecosystem.



Cool stuff, also uses markdown…

Never used it, now I want to test.

Probably a controversial opinion, but Microsoft To Do is very nice and nails all the basics. It’s free and works great in the browser. Very low friction when using it cross-platform.

Gnome To Do is very usable too.

ElementaryOS’ Planner is very slick and available via flatpak.

There are a lot of other apps to manage todos, but those above offer a nice UI which helps getting started and form an opinion what you really want/need.

For clearing out your mind without formulating actual todos take a look at minder.

I use Kate, and I write my notes in plain text (or markdown).


Well i have a notebook on my desk for that. The font sucks, but hey I can understand it well enough. I like the history feature it comes with. It’s true the search function is a bit slower, but i use highlighters of various colors to help with that. Btw the satisfaction of highlighting the items with green once they are done is priceless.


taskwarrior-tui is in use on my system


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Using basket for quite some time.


Available on snap and aur

Mobile app also available

I’d prefer the one from AUR.

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It’s on iOS too.