Is there a WinSCP equivalent program in linux?

Trying to replace my crappy winscp running in wine with something linux native. Filezilla does not work for this purpose as it does not support SCP protocol. I’m aware I can use scp on the command line but on servers you pull files from often, its just starting to get annoying. Is there a linux alternative that I’m overlooking that uses a gui?

Have you looked at

That is the first place I’ve looked. Filezilla is the top alternative :expressionless:

I guess gftp works for me. I’ve always wondered why Filezilla doesn’t include the ssh/scp protocol but meh. :roll_eyes:

Many tools in Linux support this natively. For example, some of the file managers support a URL like sftp://user@host

Krusader is, according to my opinion, one of the best, if not even the best and most complete file manager out there. Just install all optional dependencies to have all functions available.

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