Is there a way to show asterisks when typing encryption passoword?

Hi everyone!

I just installed Endeavour with i3 and was wondering if there’s a way to have password feedback (asterisks) when decryption the drive on boot.

Glad if anyone could help.

Someone had that problem in Arch:

It seems you need to edit:


Hope you find a solution.

@vinibortoletto Please note: The above link seems to provide a solution only if your /boot is unencrypted. Assuming you chose to let calamares automatically partition, /boot is probably encrypted; the provided solution will therefore not work.

Anyway, my personal opinion regarding the password asterisks is, it’s best practice not having them and therefore not giving away your password length. Not showing them is the default for a reason. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll just leave as it is then. :smile:

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