Is there a way to Reply via Email?

I am in a few Discourse based forums of different projects and most of them allow me to reply to posts via email, I was wondering why this one does not offer the option to do so, since I find it a lot more practical than going to the website to do a quick reply to a notification from a Topic I am following.
Is the load too big or is there something making it harder to maintain?

I would really appreciate if you enable this feature, because enabling the mailing list mode (which I have) makes little to no sense if I can’t reply. And in my opinion is quite a great way to follow topics without accessing the forum itself

I do understand your point of view but the reason it isn’t enabled has to do with privacy. Quite a lot of users on this forum don’t like sharing their email address in public.
At this moment, only the founding members have access to this info.

When we enable replying via email, all the moderators can see the info from which email account a post has been sent.
I’m not saying that we don’t trust our current team of moderators, but I don’t think a lot of users over here would appreciate this kind of exposure of their email address and I’ve checked, this cannot be changed in the settings either.

I hope you understand that we do put the privacy of our members above any convenience.


That’s perfectly understandable, I did not take into account the amount of people who can have access to this information in a forum of this size. Thanks for the reply!

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In addition to what’s already been said, from experience it’s an extra layer of complexity (both in terms of initial setup and ongoing mailserver maintenance) that, in theory, doesn’t add that much given traditional web forums do not have post-by-email anyway. :man_shrugging:


you can always create a Rss feed if you want a overview eventuallly