Is there a way to make H.265 or H.264 video viewable in my browser?


I am trying to set up human detection on an IPTV security camera I have, and the access point is only through the browser because an official application is not yet available on Linux. I noticed when I signed in I am unable to see the camera feed and to my understanding it’s because I am using H.265 format for the video. I’ve tried switching it to H.264 and I still can’t view the feed.

Is there a solution for this that I’m unaware of, or am I out of luck on this one?

I don’t know personally.
A lot of people here (Can you guys currently play HEVC (H.265) videos? - #14 by anon50380917 have it working, but only one in a browser (I think).

Don’t know what browser you have but firefox store does not have the plugin. does chrome store?

I got the impression in that thread people brought in a 3rd party app or AUR package to have it work with things like mpv player ete etc. Would that theory lend to browser?

do an AUR search for 265 and a search in forum just “265” in the field like I did. some answers there maybe. maybe you’ll find a package that acts as a ‘bridge’ to your browser, for lack of sleep to competently describe a concept…

What browser are you using?

Looks like Microsoft Edge ( :scream: ) has native support for H.265.

There are a couple of packages in Arch repos you might want to have a look at as well:


I use both Floorp and Vivaldi.

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Floorp is Firefox based, so I’d use that as a basis with the below.
Vivalidi is Chromium based, but also has elements of Presto/Opera?

If it’s not working, perhaps try a browser that has known support.

Browser support for:

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