Is there a way to boot to the terminal rather than the DE?

My KDE seems broken and boots to a blank screen and unfortunately it’s set to auto login.

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Hit ctrl+alt+f2 and that should let you login from there. :crossed_fingers:

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Also this might help:

Arhhhhh nooooo.

I thought that was it but it doesn’t work.

systemctl disable sddm.service

Then reboot.

I can’t get to a terminal… So how would I do that?

Ctrl+Alt+[F2 through F6]

How did you break Plasma?

Add a 3 to your kernel boot line from grub. You will get to tty. Follow the instructions in the link above.



I’ve tried ctrl+alt+f2 at the the kernel selection screen and after selecting the kernel and that does nothing.

I’ve booted into the USB installer… How can chroot in and run yay to see if that fixes it?

The “kernel selection screen” is called GRUB. I never said to press Ctrl+Alt+F2 at grub.

from the wiki:

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I actually tried that and it didn’t work… but from another poster just adding 3 to the line did.