Is there a specific website or forum for wayland updates?

Is there a forum or website I can keep watch over to see when any news of updates to Wayland comes out?

I would like to know when all these graphical issues will hopefully get fixed.

Site -
Releases -
Source -

That being said, are you sure the issues you are seeing aren’t resolvable some other way?

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You can stay with X11 for another 10 years until Wayland works itself out! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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They might be able to be resolved in another way, but they all appeared since the wayland update.

I figure at some point it will work itself out just like all the other issues that have come up.

Probably you mean the KDE update.

Wayland is in different states of usability depending on what DE you are using, because they all implement it in different ways. I don’t know for certain, but I would say it is more likely the bugs you are waiting to have resolved are KDE bugs than Wayland ones.

You can try keeping an eye on the KDE bug tracker if you’d like, but be warned: it’s pretty wild in there.

Looks like your right, it is the KDE update.


Wayland is a protocol not a product. So it would be fairly dry theory to keep up with.

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