Is there a Linux GUI app like Proxifier?

Hello, I used to use proxifier app for my window 11 machine, sadly this app is not compatible with Linux, only window, mac and android. I run on arch linux now and run window 11 in vm. Is there an App like Proxifier for Linux with GUI? So I can select an app and forward it threw a proxy, I tried to look on the internet for it and all I see are terminal ones only. Do you guys know how to make it works or an alternative to it?

Here is the app im talking about

My advice is to learn to use the terminal. You’re going to have to do it sooner or later, so sooner is better.

It’s actually easier than the GUI, only not in the beginning when it is outside your comfort zone.

what apps could I use with the terminal? I saw proxy chain but could not find how to use the terminal, im not new to linux but I was wondering if there was an app like that

Maybe you are looking for Portmaster solution. It is FOSS.

  • It automatically identifies each app that uses internet traffic. Portmaster gives you clear details:

    • Which app uses the network activity.
    • Where is this app in located in directory.
    • When does it use the network activity.
    • What protocols does it use.
    • Show a history of its connection.
  • You can easily configure individual app in Portmaster setting for example:

  • Many statistics.

  • And more …

If you needs SPN feature, you have to pay it.

portmaster-stub-bin is available in AUR.
If you don’t trust the pre-built binary package enough, you can review and build the source code from git:


This what im looking for but I am not sure if I can add my own proxy server, do you know about this? I heard of this product somewhere. If not I might need to find their discord. This app looks really sick thank you so much!

I do not think Portmaster can add your own proxy server.
If you need it, you can create a new feature ticket and ask developers if they can help or not.

A good start is to look up in the ArchWiki:

Also a web search gives many hits, for example:

For more click here!

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