Is there a forum to always follow?

So, I’d say that I’m finally satisfied with endeavour os, I installed it, I combined cinnamon with systemD boot and as soon as I start the laptop up I have to force it to go to boot menu(F11) and select the Eos external SSD and boot from there, I figured out that the bios doesn’t see it right away and I have to select it myself, but it’s all good, it’s faster than windows 10 and that’s that :slight_smile:

Now, about this forum, on Manjaro we used to have a forum which always reported bugs and before updating we had to check the forum in order not to break Manjaro with an update, is anything remotely similar here? Like is here such a page of forum? Or maybe was it specific to Manjaro?

Since Endeavour is an Arch-based distro, it would be wise to check the news section of Arch Linux’s homepage from time to time (preferably every time before you update your system) to see if something requires manual intervention.

You can also stay tuned to this forum and the Arch forum for similar purposes.


There is Important notifications

Click on the bell and choose how you want to follow posts on that section:


Yep, this is it, thanks a lot, looks very similar

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you can configure the eos-update-notifier to notify about such Arch news. Just start eos-update-notifier-configure and check it out


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