Is there a default keyring installed with a fresh install?

I installed the i3wm version, and I am not sure which, if any keyring was installed at all by default. I am trying to get VS Code working and it needs me to use a keyring (or use weaker encryption). I don’t really understand how a keyring works, but there is one installed by default, I would like to use it.

Probably not with i3, you will probably need to install gnome keyring or kwallet, but from a terminal run:

yay gnome-keyring

it will say if it is installed.

Run this to check if you have one installed:

pacman -Q | grep -A 0 -E "(polkit|secret)"

libsecret 0.21.4-1
polkit 124-2
polkit-gnome 0.105-10
polkit-qt5 0.200.0-1
polkit-qt6 0.200.0-1
xfce-polkit 0.3-1

You need libsecret and you can choose gnome or xfce polkit. I only have both because I have both cinnamon and i3 installed.