Is there a application like AutoKey that works with Wayland?

I am using AutoKey with KDE Plasma essentially to select text from its menu and have it pasted in a browser page. (I could need to paste it in a different application, but so far, pasting the text in a browser page is the main reason for using AutoKey.)

For what I understood, AutoKey works only with X11. Is there an application that allows me to create a list of text to paste, select it from a menu, that works with Wayland?

Espanso is what I use - the wayland version is in aur.

Espanso - A Privacy-first, Cross-platform Text Expander

Does it work also with X11? I am asking because I notice there are three packages on AUR: espanso-wayland, espanso-bin, and espanso. The version is 2.1.8-1 in all the cases.

Wayland is wayland, the other two are X, but cannot run both - either or (which is a pain, but I run wayland most of the time)

I was asking for two different computers, just to be sure I could use the same tool even when I have to use X11 in one and Wayland in the other one.

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I like I can make it show a dialog box to choose the text to paste or even create a custom dialog box to enter what needs to be pasted.
I was expecting an icon to appear in the MATE panel, but I must say this is 200% better than AutoKey (which works only with X11).

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