Is the GRUB issue patched on Cassini?

As questioned in the title, is the GRUB issue patched in the latest :enos: ISO, Cassini?

Grub issue was solved back in August. Our Artemis Nova ISO had fixes for that.

You still have to run grub-install and grub-mkconfig after every grub update.


At least on UEFI systems. Legacy (bios) doesn’t need it so far, me thinks.

Better to be safe than sorry. Who knows what new changes the grub devs will add?

Grub devs expect you to run grub-install everything time you change the grub config or update the grub package

Sometimes I did (on legacy-bios), sometimes I didn’t, especially during the latter 2-3 updates. Didn’t hurt so far.

yeah the devs haven’t made any drastic changes in the last 4 months.

But we don’t know if they will make them in the future.

That’s for sure, and updates of the grub-pkg. always have been asking for some special consideration - at least on multiboot-systems, even before the last August thing.

Really august…


If you install without GRUB, there will be no issues with GRUB. :brain:

Though why would you want to reinstall your perfectly fine OS from the new ISO is unclear to me.

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I can confirm, there was no problem with legacy BIOS.

hello, I would like to install Cassini, but I’ve not well understood :see_no_evil:
will it detect the partition with Windows 11?
and could I avoid to install GRUB?

Of course, the installer will detect the Windows 11 partition. You don’t need to use Grub, if only because Cassini uses systemd-boot as its bootloader by default. You can read more about Cassini itself here.

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