Is the DNIe (electronic ID) of my country only compatible with DEB and RPM, will I not be able to use it with EOS?

Hi friends.

I hate having to use the DNIe (electronic ID), but it is becoming mandatory here in Spain, so I am going to buy a USB electronic card reader.

The problem is that it doesn’t work just by connecting the USB, you have to install some “drivers”. And on the National Police website, they are only available for DEB and RPM:

As always, these government sites leave Arch aside and forgotten… (And I only use EOS and I don’t want to have another OS next to EOS)

So, there is no way to make my Arch read these cards to access Official State websites?

Unfortunately this is very important because here you need to electronically certify almost everything.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort friends.

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Might this in the AUR, be what you’re looking for?

yay -S dnieremote-bin

If you can’t find anything for arch you can either build it yourself out of the deb packages or go with a debian VM.

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The AUR package seem to just copy the binary into /usr/bin directroy (plus some other stuff to som other locations).

You could run it your self as a “portable app” without installing.

Looks like you just need openssl-1.1 as dependency.

I tried this and it seems to work:

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So… getting back on topic, I hope that either installing dnieremote-bin from the AUR or running it as a “portable app” have solved your problem @nicknick


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Thank you all for your responses, I’m sorry it took me a while to respond, I’ve been busy.

I was reading a lot and found several guides and packages. I really hope they are secure packages, since some are in AUR:


Arch guide:ñol)

Youtube guide:

The problem is that now the DNIe chip is 4.0 and I had the 3.0 chip, so now that I have the 4.0 chip I need a card reader and they do not allow me to use other means such as “Cl@ve”.

I couldn’t buy the reader yet, so I haven’t been able to test it yet.

Thanks friends, but that is for the Android APP according to the government website, will it work on EOS? (sorry I’m a noob)

Thanks friend but is that legal and safe? I mean, will it work correctly, or could it have errors in operation? Are there official packages in Arch/Aur that have followed that method?

Sorry, today I just won my 1 year medal here, and I still don’t know basic things like this. If it is a safe method, I will look for a tutorial on how to compile DEB to ARCH, but first I will try to try what I found in the Arch/Aur repositories when I have the reader.

Thanks friend, I will try this when I have the reader, I didn’t know that DEB files could be executed that way.

Thanks friend, and I’m sorry I caused problems!

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Not in a general way but sometimes it is possible like in this case.