Is the content in this folders safe to delete?

I am running out of space in my /home partition. Which I am puzzled by.
du -h --max-depth=2 /home | sort -h I see I have few folders with a 7G+
Is it safe to delete the content of /home/user/.cache and /home/user/local/ and really I can’t understand why I have 3.2G of /home/user/.config where I have a .config/protonmail/bridge that is 2.4G ??
Any advice on clearing some of the unnecessary?
Thank you

You almost definitely don’t want to delete the contents of ~/.local. Those files are generally important.

~/.cache can be deleted but you might want to exclude the yay and/or paru cache.

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~/.cache is safe to del. but your app will regenerate it… so you need to look whether it is pacman/yay cache too big.

~/.config is not safe to del. you can del those config file that you have uninstall the app

use Filelight to checkout the space via GUI

I assume you are using ProtonMail? If so, this appears to be where ProtonMail stores your email and settings for their Bridge service. I would not get rid of that unless you want to remove ProtonMail from your computer. ProtonMail encrypts all email communication and stores your emails locally, so that folder will get large if you use email a lot. Look though ProtonMail help to see if there is a safe way of moving or reducing its data folder.

No, that certainly depends on what you mean by “safe”.

Also, your pacman cache is not in ~/.cache, but in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/, so deleting ~/.cache won’t do anything in that regard. Clearing pacman cache should be done with pacman -Sc or, even better, using a script called paccache (see the ArchWiki for more info).

But if you use an AUR helper like yay it will keep the packages in ~/.cache.

I’ll proceed carefully.
I’ll try seeing if I can increase the size of the disk.
Also in my /EndevourOS partition I have 13G for the usr and 9 GB for the var
in the var I have cache and logs and the are both rather big. is it safe to delete the /var/log and var/cache ?

about log cache in /var/log, see wiki

Thanks :pray: