Is that gnome44?


I just upgraded gnome from version 43. something to version 44.1.
Is that gnome 44? The update changed my available default Backgrounds. No other features appeared and now I am confused.

Checkout the new release presentation and have a better overview.

OH, thank you :slight_smile:

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hmm :thinking:

My pc is a physical system.

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Are you running it inside a VM?

nope, on hardware

Try installing fwupd.
Reboot and see if that section will show up.


ah thanks,
I installed fwupd and then it changed. It at least shows something now.


Thank you - that solved the problem here too.

(I can see why Canonical was reluctant to include that panel although they relented with Ubuntu 23.04 - a lot of PCs will give those rather scary messages).

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Imagine thinking in the current year that Secure Boot has anything to do with security and protection. HAHA!



as @Kresimir said… i do not understand what this new BUG feature … should help or show … if it only shows if secure boot or any TPM stuff is enabled or/and present ? it could … say that

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Device Security Report

Device Security Report

report details
Creation date: 2023-05-17 12:12:33
fwupd version: 1.9.1

system details
Hardware Model: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B550 GAMING X V2
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor
Operating system: EndeavorOS
Security level: HSI:INVALID:missing-data

HSI-1 tests
TPM v2.0: Pass (Found)
UEFI Secure Boot: ! Failure (Not turned on)
TPM Platform Configuration: Pass (Valid)

HSI-2 tests
TPM Reconstruction: Pass (Valid)
IOMMU Protection: Pass (Enabled)

HSI-3 tests
DMA protection before boot: ! Failure (Not turned on)
Stop in RAM: ! Failure (Enabled)
Stop while idling: ! Failure (Not turned on)

HSI-4 tests
Encrypted RAM: ! Failure (Not Supported)

runtime tests
Firmware Updater Verification: Pass (Not Corrupt)
Linux swap: ! Failure (Not Encrypted)
Linux kernel lockdown: ! Failure (Not turned on)
Linux kernel verification: ! Failure (Corrupted)

Device security events

For information about the content of this report, see

Corrupt kernel :rofl:

If the average “home PC” doesn’t fail at HSI-1 (Secure Boot turned off) it will almost certainly fail at HSI-4 (encrypted RAM). A read around suggests that only newish server CPUs offer that.

Linux kernel verification: ! Failure (Corrupted)
that`s not a BUG thats my selfbuild kernel… indeed must be corrupted … by intent

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