Is Systemd Boot actually likely to need 1000MB EFI?

Not a big deal on my desktop, since the NVME is 1TB, but it seems that the EFI partition is 1000MB and it is currently using about 160MB. It seems to keep only two kernels. Is it ever likely to use 1000MB? I mean, isn’t it kind of unnecessarily large?

500 MB can be full really fast. It depends on how many kernels and modules you install. Right now I got ~600 MB used of the 1GB I got. With time the size will increase even more.

1GB is nothing today and it makes sure you won’t run out of space in the near future.

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I couldn’t agree more. With the size of SSDs today (256GB to 1TB or more), 1GB is nothing.

Do you have a Nvidia GPU then yeah better to use 1GB

With 500 mb I can store 2 kernels, the current one and it’s safe version. I wanted to have the LTS and normal versions of the kernel and discovered the partition had not enough space ;p

Alternatively, you can use GRUB and have a tiny EFI partition, and store all your kernels on your root partition.


It depends on the number of kernels you install and the specific hardware and software you have.

It sounds like your initrds are relatively small but some users take over 300MB per kernel depending which drivers and software they need.