Is Printing (CUPs) not Installed by Default?

I loaded my girls laptops with the Endevour install ISO from back in November. They were Christmas presents so I didn’t think to install our network laser printer until now. I’ve been keeping them updated but just last night needed to setup a printer so the girls could print their homework. When I pulled up the KDE print manager I received a somewhat cryptic message that it was unable to connect to the printing service. A little googling led me to realize that CUPs wasn’t installed at all. I was able to work through the problem and eventually get everything working but I am curious if not including CUPs in the base install was a conscious decision or was it an oversight?

on netinstall you can check the box

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november release do not have had netinstall included so i think you have done a offline install with xfce and then install KDE?

you can follow this wiki to get printing support included:

as you are on qt DE you need a little change to packages:

sudo pacman -S cups cups-filters cups-pdf ghostscript gsfonts foomatic-db-engine foomatic-db foomatic-db-ppds foomatic-db-nonfree foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds gutenprint foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds print-manager


sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.socket
sudo systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.socket

for network printing check if avahi is running and installed:

systemctl status avahi-daemon

if it is not running and enabled:

sudo pacman -S avahi --needed
sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon

Yes, it was the offline installer from back then. Thank you for adding the detailed instructions on what to do.

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