Is pacman -Rns the correct command to completely remove an application?

Hi friends.

I’m reading the list of terminal commands for Arch:

And I need to delete/uninstall a program (I know, this is too basic), and I would like to delete everything related to the program/application. That is, program, configuration files, etc.


R = remove program/application
n = remove configuration files
s = remove dependencies

Is there any other letter that you recommend I add when uninstalling an application?

sudo pacman -Rns NAME PROGRAM

Just this command?

Thanks in advance friends.

That command removes the package and its un-needed dependencies. The configuration files (the stuff in .config) and also local program data (~/.local/share) will not be removed.

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I see, thanks friend.

So how do I remove all of that, with another terminal command, or by carefully going into those 2 folders and removing anything related to this program?


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There’s a similar post somewhere with many suggestions.

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