Is my GPU considered a "Modern Optimus System"?

I have just installed EndeavourOS and I am looking to enable support for my Optimus laptop.
I know of the existence of Bumblebee, and this is what I searched, and this is what I found.

Now, In this post, it is mentioned that “On newer Nvidia Optimus systems it is recommended to take optimus-manager, optimus-switch, or render-offload.

My GPU is a 1050 mobile, I assume Pascal. This isn’t exactly the most modern device but it is compatible with up to the newest Nvidia driver, So I just installed optimus-manager. And it works.

However I have not set my power management options, and I do not know how. And this ties back to the title of this post; All “reccomended” configurations here aren’t compatible with my device. So I ask, Am I supposed to figure out what power management options I need, or should I use something like bumblebee drivers instead?

You have a newer Nvidia Optimus system.

I use the Optimus-Switch method, so I am not entirely familiar with Optimus-Manager. Hopefully, someone who is more familiar with it can help you with the power management options.


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Can you clarify what you mean by power management? Do you mean battery or performance of your GPU?

Bumblebee to my knowledge is less performant than Optimus manager and not recommended. It boils down to vulkan support and other things. To my understanding the project has been frozen and not that active if at all. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Optimus-manager can be used to switch Nvidia, Intel and hybrid. If you want to save battery power, you need to switch to Intel log out and back in. If you want to drain your battery but have maximum performance the switch to Nvidia. Hybrid is something in between, I don’t really use. arch wiki also has good infos:

From my experience, I get optimal Nvidia by switching off hybrid mode altogether in bios/UEFI and blacklist nouveau driver. But that’s another approach, it depends your usecase and what you are looking for.


(EDIT: This is a message from optimus-manager-qt)