Is kinit not ported to Plasma 6 yet?

After the Plasma 6 update, I found that I still have version 5 of kinit ( installed. The software is supposed to “Process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications”

Is it not ported to Plasma 6 yet?

kinit is considered obsolete


In this link, I also see other deprecated packages:

pactree -r kemoticons

khotkey is however still marked as dependency of plasma-workspace.

Is it? :thinking:

Sorry, it is the other way around. So I have khotkeys explicitly installed (plus its deprecated dependencies), is it safe to remove it?

I would run pactree -r khotkey to see if something (or some things) is (are) depending on it in your system.

Then decide if you want to remove it (them).

yay -Rns khotkeys has removed 40 more packages (!) from plasma 5, without breaking anything apparently. I don’t remember what could have marked this package as explicitly installed…

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