Is it safe to say...?(yay update question)

Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace dbus-python with extra/python-dbus? [Y/n] y

It’s common to be asked–during updates–if something should be replaced.
I always look at the Forum for info. Sometimes I blindly hit Y.

Question: is it safe to assume the answer is always Y?

I mean if Endeavour devs are rolling it out, I trust that it is in the update intentionally to replace the [deprecated?] package/part.

Just want a reality check if my reasoning here is sound? thank you. edit/spelling

You should always look at it and make sure nothing is wrong but generally you have no practical choice except to accept replacements.

Often, if you don’t accept the replacement, it will block the update due to dependencies.

Basically a replacement means that packaging changed. In this case, a package was renamed. Sometimes packages are combined, superceded or otherwise re-arranged.


OK I never tried an N…that explains it.
It’s hit Yes or update aborts.—I didn’t see that one coming. :slight_smile: --thanks.

My assumption appears to be correct: just hit the Y and keep going.

Maybe a person with a lot of DIY package builds would use the N if they knew it would conflict I guess? edit typo

You mean Arch Trusted Users. They make the package changes in their repos, and these happen from time to time. It’s good to question them and research/ask though!


In this particular case, the answer is definitely yes:


You mean Arch Package Maintainers :wink::

the role of “Trusted User” has been renamed “Package Maintainer”

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