Is it safe to install openjdk?


I need to run an extension in LibreOffice that requires java.

After searching I found that openjdk (the jdk-openjdk package) may provide me with a solution.

I also read that java is somehow not trusted because of potential hacking attacks. What is the consensus here at EOS?


It should be relatively safe depending on what you do with it. It doesn’t run on it’s own.

That being said, it is more likely you need the jre than the jdk. The jdk is typically used for development.


true they don’t come with ide’s we have to get them ourselves

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If you need a JDK, jdk-openjdk is definitely the package you want to install. JDK is for development purposes, but if you need to run a java application, I would install jre-openjdk.

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Thank you all for the comments and suggestions!