Is it possible to wipe an EFI/Boot partition?

Thankfully I don’t have any issue - this is just a general question for learning purposes - Is it possible to delete/overwrite the EFI partition?

I always get confused by this when I install linux and usually just pick what is there already but what happens if I delete it? Can I get it back? Is there something on the BIOS level that means I can always fix my computer should I remove that?

I suppose what I am looking for is an ELI5 about what the EFI boot partition is also so that I can understand it better.

It is possible, yes.

But the question is if you should be doing it. The short answer is no.

ESP (EFI System Partition) contains the efi bootloader binaries needed for booting up the system.
Also in case of systemd-boot, ESP is where the kernel images will reside.

For more:

It is fine to format the EFI partition during installation if you are installing the only OS on the disk.

If you are setting up a multiboot configuration, you should not format the partition because the existing installations will lose the data they were keeping on the EFI partition (and potentially will not be able to boot).

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