Is it possible to upgrade using the console?

Hi everybody!

I’m happy to read about the new release and I would like to know if there is any chance to upgrade using command lines? Thanks in advance!


If I understand correctly you wish to upgrade an existing July release installation in a terminal?

Or do you simply want the upgraded features of the July release? Since EndeavourOS is a rolling release simply upgrading any way you prefer be it terminal, TTY, or pamac will get you the latest version.


archlinux databases are not upgraded like debian or fedora databases.


you update by terminal :slight_smile: but is a rolling release, dont wait a half year for update :slight_smile:


EndeavouOS based on Arch is a rolling, you don’t need to update new release cause on rolling you update on dayly or weekly base ideally…
You have a bugman here that is using a rolling since 2009 if I’m not wrong !

You could update regulary throw Terminal or also from Welcome the gui application you see at first start, there is a button for it… and many more.


As EndeavourOS is a “rolling-release” type of system, there is never any need to actually “upgrade” to a new version (as there is with, for example, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, Fedora, etc.).

If you update the system fairly frequently (I do mine daily, first thing in the morning but there are some people who update only once weekly), you will essentially have a “brand-new” operating system each and every time you effect an update.

By the way, I always update via the command-line using yay but you can also update, if you wish, by using pamac-aur-git.

Once in a while, some new feature is added to the new release ISO (or even between releases). These features will always be mentioned here on the forum or in the Discovery section and you can add these features to your system if you so desire. (This has happened with this new July release.)

But if you are happy with the way your system is working currently, there is no need to add any features unless you feel that it or they will offer some advantage.

Is there a “downside” to using a “rolling-release” as opposed to a “fixed” one? You bet! Once in a “blue moon” someone (a program developer, for example) might make an error such that, after an update, the whole system may not boot!

This happened to me ONCE while I was using Antergos (but it has NEVER happened to me while I’m using EndeavourOS).

It is always a good idea to check the main site or the forum to see if there are any problems that have recently appeared. If there were to be, they would be mentioned there and, in any case, they would probably be fixed in an hour or less. That’s why I only update the first thing in the morning and never any other time of the day. (That’s what my experience with Antergos was. I updated in the afternoon. Had I waited just an hour before updating, the problem would never have occurred as it was quickly fixed.)

But, as I said, I have not had any problems whatsoever (so far) in using and regularly updating EndeavourOS every day in the morning.

And by doing so, I always have the 'latest and greatest."

I hope that the above has been of some interest to you.



My usual method of upgrading is so:
Keep in mind I have a tendency to modify my desktop environments :slightly_smiling_face: That being the case I almost never update while within the GUI.
ctrl+alt+F3 Exits to a TTY 3 which will pull you out of the GUI completely.
Enter your credentials.
sudo pacman -Syy Refreshes the repositories.
sudo pacman -Syu Updates the system
systemctl reboot reboots the system. Not always necessary but I haven’t had an update go wrong using this method yet YMMV.

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yay -Syu

witch updates the AUR packages + an ordinary update.

It might be unlikely that you got any, being completely new to an Arch based system, but one day… probably sooner than you think, you’l need the command. :innocent:

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