Is it possible to switch back to X11?


Recently it seems Endeveavour has started using Plasma 6, and it has caused the window system to change from X11 to Wayland. Can I change back? A lot of things I use don’t work/work incorrectly under Wayland.

I am not very knowledgable about window systems and related topics, I’d like to note… I just want simplescreenrecorder to work again :frowning:
And the windows always opening at the center is annoying.

In your login screen, at the bottom left, there is a menu where you could choose between Wayland and X11.

If you have autologin enabled and you are not seeing the login screen, edit the following file:


and change plasma to plasmax11 for the Session under [Autologin].


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Launch System Settings, search SDDM, click Behavior at the top, Switch to x11 there, and check or uncheck auto login at startup, apply.

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