Is it possible to read changelog notes before a system update?

Is there some option or flag we can set when running ‘system update’ to get more information about what is actually changing in my system beyond just version number changes? I guess I can go googling and searching on the package browser but to be able to do that in one process would be better.

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Unfortunately, an update is just a collection of packages being updated. Those individual packages relate back to separate pieces of software which all have different ways to track changes, many of which don’t maintain change logs at all.

I think one of the helpers has a command that will show you the commit history in certain situations but I think you will find that not very useful.

You can make the version changes a lot easier to see by using something like yay or paru and setting the correct options. That way you can at least see how significant the version changes are.


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Thank you for the welcome and the reply! It makes sense what you say.


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