Is it possible to install games on a second hard drive?

Hi friends! So i already fell in love with this OS, i installed EndeavourOS on my desk pc too, and was wondering if is it possible to get my games installed on a second hard drive (i have EOS on an SSD 120GB and an 1TB HD completely empty). It would be wonderful if i could install my large games (via steam, and epic games throught heroic games launcher). Is there any way to do so ? (the SSD is formated with btrfs and HD with ext4, they both need to be formated with the same storage format ?)

Yes! With steam specifically you can do this:

I’m unfamiliar with Heroic launcher and if it has a similar option, but if it doesn’t you can create a symbolic link from the folder it normally installs to one that’s on your HDD.


In a nutshell, you need to move the Steam data (in $HOME/.local/share/Steam) to its new location, then create a symlink so Steam can find it. While I sure that @D_el’s solution will work, I personally don’t mess with any of these types of defaults in Steam.

On my system, my Steam directory is /games/Steam, a BTRFS partition with snapshots. I have this symlink created:

ln -sf $HOME/.local/share/Steam /games/Steam

and everything works fine.


Thanks guys! on steam worked fine!!!

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