Is it possible to install EnOS ARM on this laptop?

Here it is:

Looking forward to your comments, thoughts, ideas…

Here is a list of Arch Linux Arm supported platforms.
Since this is brand new, Arch Linux Arm does not offer a base image yet, and I kind of doubt they will.

You could try to do a Generic aarch64 install.

Since this is built to be a Windows 11 machine, I am sure you would run into problems with obtaining video drivers, audio drivers, uboot file, etc. Also, good luck trying to get 5G working on Linux as I doubt AT&T will help out with 5G drivers. As it is built for Windows 11, they probably have made provisions to keep someone from dual booting, or changing the OS to something other than Windows 11.

IMHO, it’s not worth the effort, and would end up being a $800 frustration. Unless one likes Windows 11.


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