Is it possible to create 2 different ARandR settings and switch them when I unplug second monitor?

Hi everyone, i3 newbie here!

I’m using i3wm on my laptop with a second monitor attached to it. When I unplug the second monitor the ARandR config I created stays the same, as if the second monitor was still plugged in. Is there a way to switch config when I unplug it?

Take a look here . it may be what you look for

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EDit ( How to use ) is on page also (scroll down)


WOW! That’s exacly what I was looking for!

Thank you for the quick response! I’m loving EndeavourOs community! :grin:


I also use autorandr, this tool is great. I have a setup at home and at work, and at both places save my settings. Short version…

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