Is it possible to adjust the power manager plugin so the bightness doesn't go so low when scrolling over the battery icon to change it?

When I adjust the brightness by scrolling over the battery icon on the panel (power manager plugin) it goes right down to complete darkness almost immediately. Is there away to set a limit so it doesn’t go right down to zero. In the past XFCE had some type of limit which prevented that, and the minimum brightness was similar to other DEs

Was that on the same hardware?

I can check by booting up my old laptop and updating XFCE to see

This laptop in only a few months old and it’s been like that for as long as I can remember. I also have Gnome and KDE on this laptop and their minimum brightness doesn’t go pitch black like on XFCE

Anyways I’ll fire up my old laptop and see

Turns out it’s this laptop

I didn’t have XFCE installed on my old one so I tried the live version and the brightness worked normally. I did the same on this laptop and tried the live version. Same problem with it going to complete darkness almost immediately

I’ll just have to live with clicking on the icon and adjusting it that way if I want to be more precise

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According to this xfce documentation and here in the ArchWiki there is a hidden setting in xfce-power-manager to specify a minimum brightness level.

  1. Run xfce4-settings-editor in terminal
  2. Click on + Add and enter
  • Property:
  • Type:
  • Value: e. g.

-OR- completely via cli
xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/brightness-slider-min-level -t int --create -s 5
where -s 5 being an example minimum value of “5”.

Disclaimer: This could be a hardware-specific solution. I’m currently nowhere near a xfce desktop and can’t test the above.


Sounds like it should work. I’ll test it out next time I log into XFCE

Must be my hardware, thanks anyways

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