Is it not possible anymore to drag and drop several tabs in Firefox to create a new window on Wayland?

So I upgraded my KDE Plasma to Version 6 and started using Wayland.

On X11 I could Shift + Left Mouse Click to select several tabs in Firefox and then Left Mouse Click drag and drop them somewhere to create a new Firefox window with those tabs.

On Wayland I can only drag and drop one tab to create a new Firefox window.
Dragging and dropping several tabs does not spawn a new window when I let go of Left Mouse Click.

Is something miss-configured on my system or is this also happening to anyone else on Wayland?

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Yes, it seems to behave differently. But releasing left-click outside Firefox window creates a new FF window.

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Thank you. Like you said releasing left-click outside seems to be the key!

I’ll guess I’ll create a bug report then.

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