Is it just me or duckduckgo search is broken for everyone?

I haven’t been getting any search results from duckduckgo since this morning when I started my computer.

I have tried several browsers and also on mobile.

Here is what I see:

And when I try again:

Is it just me?

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No its not just you. Just tried a search and get a page saying

There was an error displaying the search results. [Please try again.]

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Thanks @thefrog for trying and confirming that I am not the only one.

There must be something broken on their end then. It’s been several hours like this. Hopefully they will be able to fix it soon.

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Was just reading a news message on a (Dutch) tech site about a worldwide problem with Bing, an because DDG uses Bing they seem to have a problem as well.


Great info @keescase! That must be it then.

Thanks for sharing!


It also explains why DDG search results are pants :smiley:

The most searched for thing on Bing - Google :rofl:

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Never had any problem with DDG finding stuff. What’s wrong with it?

Your secret is safe for now :wink:

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Same here. Just tested when i stumbled across your thread


That’s what happened when you’re so much independent. :grinning:

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