Is it better to get Qtile via the Community Edition or in some other way?

I’ve been trying out Qtile in another distro. I really like Qtile. I plan to switch to EndeavourOS and use Qtile on it. I’m wondering what the best way is to go about that.

I did some research on the difference between community editions and official editions. This post was helpful:

I’m curious what happens if I install EndeavourOS + Qtile edition (which is a community edition) and the people who were working on it abandon the edition. Would that mean that some updates would stop coming in? Or would everything still be updated (maintained) regardless?

Is it better to get Qtile in a different way, by getting an official EndeavourOS release and altering it?

If nobody else picks it up and nobody on the dev team wants to maintain it, it would have to be removed from future ISOs.

No, the community editions are just curated selections of packages and settings to provide a specific user experience. You would still get updates and your install would continue to work as normal.

You can do either. The community edition provides a ready-to-work experience. If you install it yourself, a little more work may be needed to customize it to your needs.

If this is a new install, I see little reason not to use the community edition.

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