Is Galileo going to include Partition Manager?

With the shift from XFCE to KDE in live, it makes me wonder if partitionmanager will be shipping with it in lieu of gparted. It’d be a sensible live ISO inclusion, though to my recollection (not that anyone should be using this partition format) gnome-disks is the only mainstream solution at-present which enables users to create ExFAT partitions.

KDE Partition Manager is capable of creating exFAT partitions.


Yes. As of right now, partitionmanager is included in the package list.



Will gparted remain there as well, as an alternative?

I’ve sometimes had problems with partitionmanager that did not occur in gparted.

gparted is not included in the liveISO.

I don’t have a definitive answer if gparted will be included with installed Desktop Environments that are GTK oriented.


If you prefer gparted, a simple sudo pacman -S gparted will install it on the liveISO, but it isn’t persistent and will be gone with the reboot / poweroff

My experience with gparted in Plasma is theming. Text can hard to read, etc.


Of course. Assuming internet connection. Not a problem for my use cases. Might be for some.


When I said “problems”, earlier, I meant “the tool fails to partition / resize / …”, whereas gparted succeeds at the same operation without issue. I’ve never had the reverse occur.

For tools like that, reliability > theming, in my book.

Of course I have only a sample size of one (well, maybe something like four separate instances) so maybe I just got unlucky.

the theming problem is probably due to not adhering fully to gtk/qt (whichever it uses)

is it also capable of creating FAT32 partitions with boot-esp flags?
because that’s what I personally need for my EndeavourOS to be working at all (it’s a long story; I had an error that I have to fix by manually creating the EFI boot partition each time I reinstall the system, which I am planning to do again in the future)

this is why I really value GParted being on the live iso, btw

Yes, of course.


In my install script I have the following:

# root apps shall use KDE's theme
sudo ln -si $HOME/.gtkrc-2.0 /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
sudo ln -si $HOME/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

It solved some theming problems I had in the past with timeshift; I assume gparted is in the same boat.