Is Deepin DE unstable?

Is the deepin DE not recommend for daily use?

Would not say unstable just living on the edge :upside_down_face:

So no bugs and crashes?

Heh edge i meant it works but it can have issues here and there what the crashes or bugs idk.

Bugs can be subjective… there is bugs on every software… init can be unstable in moments i would say very edge

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Last time I tried, this would be correct.


There are a couple of issues:

  1. The DDE development cycle is mapped into the releases of their own version of Linux. The rolling nature of Arch means it is constantly moving forward which often causes inconsistencies to appear sine they aren’t tracking to the latest changes.
  2. Recent DDE versions have a lot of bugs, even on Deepin.

There have been talks about streamlining the development and testing process but I am not sure if any of those things have come to pass or increased stability.

Things you expect running DDE on EOS(or any Arch-based distro)

  • Not everything will work 100%
  • Sometimes, you won’t be able to login
  • The stuff that worked yesterday may or may not work today

All that being said, it does work for the most part and people do use it as their daily desktop. Basically, you should only run DDE if you have a tolerance for managing through issues. If you are looking for something that “just works”, you should look elsewhere.