Is Cinnamon being worked on regularly? Hard time finding dev updates

I have been using Cinnamon since 2018 now and I have no clue what the Cinnamon people are doing.

KDE regularly has a blog outlining all the awesome stuff they have been doing and with Gnome there are plenty updates as well.

I tried looking around for the same for Cinnamon but have no luck so far. Their Github is useless in this regard and their blog is only updated whenever they have a new version.

Anyone know what is up with Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is developed by the linux mint team or it was. They don’t tend to have that many releases the mint team but Cinnamon has recently had updates though

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Thanks for the link, bookmarked!

I guess this is the best it gets. :smiley:

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There is a monthly blog. Is that what your referring to?

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Too slow for debian? Wow. Now that’s wild.

In defense of cinnamon being slow to update I use it everyday and basically everything works. There isn’t a whole lot to necessarily change at this point unless you want it to be different.


Is this on Linux Mint or Arch Linux you can’t compare the 2.
The Arch base is bang up-to date, Mints base can be 2 years out of date at times as its a LTS after 18 months they are working on the next LTS release.

That is correct that is what a LTS release is all about, The cinnamon DE on the other hand is just a shell on top of a outdated Gnome stack, Sorry but i’ve never seen the point of cinnamon and the same goes for the budgie desktop they both run 2-3 releases behind the Gnome stack, the goalposts do change mind you when running on Fedora/Arch as the rest of the software is up-to date and with Arch. Aur are the Cinnamon development packages defined as git don’t go by release versions as they rarely change but the software does as its git and their could be 10 changes in a day exaggerated but they can be very fast and will be packages being worked on for the next version of Cinnamon. Mint does not like users testing their stuff but its fine with Arch doing it a bigger more professional user base than Mint has.

Both Cinnamon and Budgie were forked out of Gnome before the update as they didn’t like the direction Gnome was taking. As someone who despises Gnome, I fully understand this and sympathize. I find Cinnamon to be a very stable and resourceful DE, but perhaps lacking in customization.


I’m not a Gnome fan either. :smirk:


Actually that is not correct Cinnamon was changed because at the time Ubuntu was a version behind with Gnome. Then Mint went LTS
Budgie was changed because Ikey could not cope with the fast changes of the Gnome stack then walked away from his own project so repeating his history and leaving the project in the shit.
That said the Solus team have handled things well but its just stagnated with Budgie its just a LXDE copy but heavy on resources transparency, Raven panel, icons on desktop have not been addressed as soon as wayland lands stable decisions need to be made blaming the hand that feeds you is not the way to go.

I’m not a KDE fan so what was the point of your post apart

What is their to despise if you don’t like it do not use it all you are doing is trying to drum up self hate, how childish is that approach we realy do not need to go down the road of M#####o with wanna be in my gang :japanese_ogre:

Gee - I don’t recall it that way. Gnome was going to v3, Ubuntu was still on v2 - and then went to Unity. Rather than stay with Ubuntu on that, they forked v2 which they wanted to stay with - and started on MATE as well. Not sure which shipped first - it’s been a long time! Mint looked good from the start though…

Ubuntu still shipped Gnome 3 the problem was they tried to dictate that Gnome changed its release date Gnome so Ubuntu was the 1st with the latest version refused rightly so Ubuntu then went to UNITY with its tail between its legs, it was originally just a shell then they developed it as a compiz plugin. but still using the previous Gnome version, Ubuntu saw sense dropped Unity, went back to gnome and now accepts other ship Gnome 1st :+1:

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Greetings @mandog, long time no see. I hope you are doing well.

The whole reason why I never gave Solus a serious look was because Ikey was the driving force behind it. I did not want to be left in the lurch when he decided to “drop out”.

I remember that release, it was a train wreck.

That is when I started to distro hop. Unity was, in my opinion, too heavy for its own good.

They still managed to mess things up. Their “Unity-ization” of the Gnome desktop is so tightly integrated into the Gnome Shell, that you have to install another “vanilla” version of Gnome, and choose to boot into that, if you want to disable their customizations.

That being said, I hope that the Mint/ Cinnamon devs figure out exactly what they want to do. They seem to be floundering around with out any purpose right now. I honestly think that they would be better served dropping their Ubuntu base and going to a Debian base.


I am not talking about changes. Cinnamon and its team decided not to follow Gnome v3 so they forked out before this happened. Mint still goes LTS but do make changes in Cinnamon in the mean time.

I don’t like it to a degree that I despise using it, what’s wrong with that??

And? You’ve got this “holier than thou” attitude to a lot of your posts. You always have a better answer, or more correct, or some detail you think someone missed.

I really appreciate your years of wisdom in Linux, but as you stated - it’s probably not the best way to express yourself. And it’s getting old.

@Alexander I’m also not much of a fan. I actually despise that I like Cinnamon so much knowing it’s based on gnome.


I just want to add that not all of us are native English speakers, so some allowance for misused words should be accepted.

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Seriously? That’s what you have to say about my comment, don’t use it as an excuse?

Can we please get this back on topic?

A question about Cinnamon development should not require personal attacks on each other or disparaging various desktops, distros and the people who lead them.