Is anyone experiencing a slow boot on Plasma 6?

I upgraded a few days ago, and the splash screen stays on for several seconds (like 10ish) whereas earlier it would be gone in less than a second.

I’m rather confused by this and can’t find a setting for setting its “screen time” or naything

Is this something specific to my computer or a general bug in Plasma 6?

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Have you tried setting it to no splash screen to see if it’s being caused by the desktop loading slowly? In Plasma 5 they would exit once the desktop had loaded I’m unsure or not if this is how they work on Plasma 6 yet

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Same here on two machines. On one machine it was updated from plasma 5.27, the other one is a fresh install.

EDIT: Disabling the splash screen seems to have fixed the problem.

This is one of the bugs that is fixed for the 6.1 release, read it earlier on the KDE forum