Is anyone able to point me to a a decent guide for recreating EndeavourOS

Wanting to pretty much be able to create an ISO based on EndeavourOS but including themes I have already created and install KDE by default. Don’t really know where I should post so please move if i’ve posted in the wrong place also. PS theme I am using is available on github but if anyone could give me some notes on what to include/disclude I would be grateful, want to make sure I’ve given the developers the respect they deserve as I have only done about .5% of the changes to these themes

To include your themes and other packages, you actually don’t need to create the ISO.
Simply use file /home/liveuser/user_commands.bash to customise the install.
The file already includes many tips how to implement various customisations.

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I hope it helps.

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Heading me in the right direction, thanks, this is actually something I posted blind drunk and have no recollection of posting, sorry if i wasted any of your time.
If admin can delete this it would be apreciated, have no recollection of why I posted this all themes I I create that I like I back up. sorry for this

OK, no harm done. Hope you are in good health now. :smile:

50/50 I’ll be right by morning just need to sleep this off, thanks for the kind reply much appreciated after today

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