Iphone 15 pairs but cannot read files

Trying to pull video from Iphone 15

I plug in the iphone
Trust the computer on Iphone

It seems to connect and shows up in the task manager

If I click “Open in file manager” nothing happens.
If I open the drop down and click “mount” nothing happens.

When I go into Dolphin and try to navigate to it

I’ve looked at the iOS page on archwiki and confirmed everything that should be installed is. Any ideas?

I haven’t owned an iPhone in many years and this may have changed, but I always remembered it as not having easy USB cable access to files saved on the iPhone from a computer. That was always android only in my experience.

I have decided to wage war on windows after the travesty that is windows 11. However it’s easy to access the file system from windows… plug it in >> trust device >> use file explorer to navigate

New to the world of Linux so I’m never sure if I’m completely ignorant or if something is wrong. I just spent a full day to get davinci resolve working :rofl:

What says:
systemctl status usbmuxd.service

If it is running, plug in your phone, open a terminal and run:

 idevicepair pair

I have already tried both of those things. It confirmed to be running and states it pairs successfully.

Just checking :blush:

Also the gvfs packages? gvfs-gphoto2 and gvfs-afc ?

How about try mounting it manually via terminal:

ifuse /mnt

I built a script for that, the main steps are:

idevicepair pair
sudo mkdir /mnt/Apple
sudo ifuse -o allow_other /mnt/Apple

Access files in /mnt/Apple

mkdir in ~

" fusermount -u ~/iPhone " or dir name you use


So apparently Linux very much did not like the “(3)” in the name of my phone which was “iPhone (3)” after trying to use your commands and realizing that it wouldn’t accept the parenthesis I switched the name from “iPhone (3)” to just “iPhone” now everything works as it should without any extra steps.

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